Resolved: Be a Better Photographer — A Book List — 9 Comments

  1. I need to spend some more time working on my photography. It seems most of the pictures I take are done so with my cell phone and my DSLR just sits up on a shelf! Sigh!

  2. I might check Plate to Pixel out after I read Digital Photography. Photography and the Art of Seeing sounds good too! I think I’m going to add them both to my library TBR list if they have them available.

  3. Plate to Pixel is a wonderful book … it really has helped me with my food photography. I would still like to take a digital camera/photography class, as I am a hands on learner and value having someone ‘show me’ how things are done.

  4. I have two books that have inspired me to try some things with photography this year. One is Photo-op: 52 Projects for the Adventurous Image-Maker. The other is A Beautiful Mess. Both have lots of ideas. Hope to try a few this year.

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