Resolved: Be a Better Gardener — A Book List — 5 Comments

  1. Joy, have you ever read Henry Mitchell’s gardening books? One Man’s Garden and The Essential Earthman. He was the gardening columnist for Washington Post and these two books are collections of his columns through the years. I find myself rereading them every year in the deep of winter – his words bring sunlight into cold winter days. Highly recommended.

  2. What a great series. And thanks for the plug; I’m so happy that my little journey could be inspirational in some way. I checked out your ‘Garden Your Way to Health and Fitness’ post, and I’ve added both books to my to reading list. I feel that they could definitely help further my New Year’s Resolution goal. I may not be able to read them in time for the challenge (because I still have to get them) but they will certainly be a wonderful addition to my arsenal – as is “Joy’s rule for gardening without pain.” Thanks again.

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