The Guidebook is a structured process for creative projects.

I’ve been developing it for close to two decades for my own use, going through a variety of visual formats. In the last few months, I’ve begun to share the most recent version with other people with some good results. I recruited a cohort to work through The Guidebook as a structured way to approach NaNoWriMo. This post summarizes the week of blog posts that I wrote to describe how the cohort and The Guidebook would work.

The Guidebook -- Dreamer, Dabbler, BFF, Planner, Traveler, Shepherd

An overview of The Guidebook consisting of six stages and the bridges between stages

As we end 2018, The Guidebook consists of the above illustration plus one illustration for each of the six stages. In 2019, my plan is to write text for The Guidebook to go along with the pictures. I’m still undecided about what will happen then. Do I want to attempt to get it commercially published? Do I want to publish it myself and sell it in on-line bookstores? Do I want to publish it myself and distribute it for free on my blog? None of that really matters until I get the job done, so I’m going to focus on that for now.

Let me know if you have advice or interest in The Guidebook and I’ll keep you posted!