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  1. Writing Down the Bones by Natalie Goldberg, simply because she gives the reader permission to write “crap.”

    A Poetry Handbook by Mary Oliver is great for all writers. Whenever someone asks me how to write description I say “read poetry and at least try to write it” because poets manage to evoke so much in few words.

    Writing Fiction from the Gothic Writers’ Workshop goes through the various elements of writing fiction–from characterization to dialogue to point of view.

    I’m sure there are others but these are the three that came to mind first.

    • I liked Writing Down the Bones, too. I need to try A Poetry Handbook. I get so anxious about choosing the exact right word that I can get frozen with it.

  2. Joy,
    It is almost with sadness that I read your list. MORE BOOKS! I made a list of the ones that I have that I haven’t read and could not believe that I had so many to read. And now you have added more! Really, I am thankful and look forward to hearing which ones you thought were really worthwhile.

  3. Stephen King’s On Writing is usually an annual re-read for me. I also like Elizabeth George’s Write Away, and David Morrell’s Lessons from a Lifetime of Writing. I’m so sad because I can’t find my copy of Save the Cat (it’s in a pile of books somewhere in the apartment, I know)!

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