Resolved: Be smarter about money — A Book List — 8 Comments

  1. Joy, Now you know someone who lives a cash only/no debt lifestyle! We have never had a car loan. Frugal, not cheap (quality is VERY important so things last, with minimalist approach). We started this in 1987 when we didn’t have any other option (college poor, married, baby) and have never strayed from it.

    Remember, you come into the world with nothing, you leave with nothing. This guides my life, do I really need it? If you died today and your family had to clean out your home, what would they keep vs donate? These are my tips… not that you asked 🙂

    Happy New Years Joy! I’m excited to see what you learn from the books you are reading.

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  4. I really enjoy reading Suzie Orman books. I know she is cliche now but I seriously like how she puts things. I used to enjoy watching her when she would appear on the Oprah show.

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