Graphic for New Year's Resolution Reading ChallengeTo celebrate the 12 Days of Christmas from now through Epiphany and to advocate for the idea of reading books to support New Year projects, resolutions, and goals, I’m writing a series of posts with themed book lists for various popular resolutions. So far…

Day 1: Be More Fit
Day 2: Be Happier
Day 3: Be a Better Cook
Day 4: Be Smarter about Money
Day 5: Be More Purposeful and Get Things Done
Day 6: Be More Creative
Day 7: Be a Better Reader
Day 8: Be a Better Writer
Day 9: Be a Better Gardener
Day 10: Be a Better Photographer
Day 11: Be More Visual

photo of macarons with Paris by Edward Rutherfurd

A novel with a lot of helpful history, perfect for reading in Paris while eating macarons….

For the final day, and to link up with the Dreaming of France meme today, I went through all the Books on France that I read in 2013 and selected the ones that helped most with my general knowledge of French history and culture. I’m very curious to know what others, people who have identified as a Francophile longer than me, want to add to this list.

photo of Eiffel tower with words Dreaming of FranceWhat books have increased your knowledge of France and the French?

If you’re reading books to become better informed about France or any other topic in the New Year, join us at The New Year’s Resolution Reading Challenge!

Check out other France-themed posts at this week’s Dreaming of France collection hosted by Paulita at An Accidental Blog.

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Resolved: Be a Better Francophile — A Book List — 6 Comments

  1. Ooh, those macarons look heavenly! I’m always intrigued by occupation-era France, but this year I only read one book about it, Wine and War. I talked about it during NonFicNov, it’s a great book about how winemakers in France during WWII handled the occupation.

    My only time in France to-date was a 12 hour layover where all I did was stay in a hotel near the airport. Hopefully that will change in the next few years!

  2. Oh my, Joy… this is my true passion! I read SO many books in 2011 to prepare me for the two week trip I took in July of that year.

    Let me take time this week to cull through my list and I will come back to post.

    As a side note… I have all intentions of returning to Paris for a three month period of time to live as a true native. It is a bucket-list item that WILL come true 🙂

  3. I think you need to return to France if you really want to be a better Francophile. I took my macarons home to Canada-they were traveling macarons Paris-LA-LA Canada and then I cut them into portions to share with family members.
    I am reading Paris right now and loving it.

  4. Joy, I really enjoyed reading Paris also. I agree with Esme that the thing you can do most to increase your Francophile-ness is to visit France again. Wish I could. Three kids in college next year, no travel budget. Thanks for playing along.

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