Readers’ Workouts — January 7 — 10 Comments

  1. I was one of four students at karate last night, Paul drove me in and waited in a nearby Bread Co to drive me back.

    Really needed the workout though, and the fitbit says I slept well last night. Went through 19 of my 30 techniques for 2nd brown with my temporary instructor Ben (my regular instructor is off for shoulder surgery). He’s taking a little getting used to, but it’s good.

  2. Winter can be tricky, I happen to live in a warm winter climate (it’s rarely below 20 degrees during the day) which makes a walk/run/snowshoe manageable.

    Sunday I went on a six mile snowshoe – one of my favorite activities! Eight inches melted yesterday so good thing I got out on the weekend. 🙂

    I have logged 34 miles in six days – nice start to 2014!

    Keep going!

  3. New year, new workout commitment. This week I’m aiming for two gym workouts to ease back in, and then Saturday I’m trying a new all-barre workout (at that looks intense and excellent.

    Starting next week, if I like the barre class, I’m aiming for one at-work instructor-led gym class, two hour-long gym sessions, and one Barreworks class per week.

    Good luck to all of you with your New Year’s healthy resolutions!

    • There’s a barre place near where I buy groceries that I’m curious about. I’ll be interested in your experience!

    • I have a couple barre dvds that I have looked at but not really done consistently. There doesn’t appear to be any studios near us but it looks really interesting.

  4. No snow here but it was in the single digits and -11F this morning so it’s cold enough for it. And I live in GA. It’s not supposed to be this cold EVER! The dogs, naturally, are loving it!

    I don’t know if I have any extra energy as almost all of my attention has been aimed at keeping a weather eye on Holly, our new family member. She’s still not housebroken and so playful that it takes a lot of attention. But I started exercising this week (woohoo!) because she’ll never get used to our routine if I don’t do what I routinely do.

  5. Oh Joy… I love this idea of an accountability group for readers who want/need to exercise! I am afraid that I cannot participate much this week …. I stubbed my toe on Sunday and have considered myself fortunate to get a shoe on. I will hope to participate next week, though!

  6. I had a pretty good week last week I’m trying to boost up my hip and balance exercises to keep me strong for running. I did a couple of shorter distance runs and some elliptical work since my knees have been bothering me. Tonight I’m resting from an intense Boot Camp class…lots of abs, pushups and weights!

  7. I am recovering from a looooong bout of plantar fasciitis so I am starting with back with running (more like alternating walking/jogging/running). I have incorporated yoga after a long hiatus from that. I think it will help because the plantar fasciitis is caused by tightness and the yoga is helping to stretch everything out.

    This is an interesting meme…the first of its kind that I have seen 🙂

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