Book Review: Paris by Edward Rutherfurd — 12 Comments

  1. I want to read the book however I really want one of those macarons. I have Paris to the Pyrenees waiting to be read.

  2. Oh my we do like the same things!!
    I looked for this elephant we were in Rome and was delighted to get to see him.

    Thanks for dropping by and visiting me!!

  3. I love planning my holiday reading, nearly as much as planning my holiday. I won’t be taking Paris with me, although I am interested in reading it, I’m not all that good with huge books, and I’ve already got my holiday reading planned. I’ve got one new Australian book saved for the first flight, and then Les Miserables and Elegance of the Hedgehog for my Paris reading. I’m sure I won’t get through most of it- well done for actually finishing yours- it sounds wonderful.

  4. I really like to pack as light as possible, which I why I have learned to fall in love with my e-reader. I can carry an entire library and it weighs nothing. The only downside is they don’t let you read it during take-off or landing so I still have to carry something in print which is a pain.

    The macarons look divine, by the way. You and Carol and driving me crazy this morning with macaron envy.

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