London by Edward Rutherfurd #BookReview — 6 Comments

  1. I have read Paris and New York by this same author, and London has been on my bookshelf for several years.

    I love how detailed you are when you read a book – a girl after my own heart! Perhaps I should plan to read this book prior to my European tour in March. We will only spend two days in this wonderful city, but I would love to make it a rich experience.

  2. Despite my love for London and its history I’ve been intimidated by this book mostly due to the size of it. Reading your post about it though you’ve sold me on it! Must check out my library sooner than later and see if I can get my hands on a copy.

  3. I’ve never read any Rutherford books but I have some of the bell ringing in London!
    When I was living there in 1991, I would often go to St James Park on Sunday with my friends. We’d spend the day lazing in the weak sunshine, reading, chatting, dozing and listening to the church bells and later on, the marching bands going up and down the Mall. It was magical & we never got tired of it.

  4. I’ve read Sarum by him which was a good story though overlong. The London one sounds a good option for my husband. Re the Museum of London, they have a good section on Roman life.

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