Book Review: The Writer’s Journey by Christopher Vogler — 10 Comments

  1. I have seen and I wanted to read this book but, like you, I have so many books on writing that the thought of buying even one more seemed self-indulgent and unnecessary.

    I have a lot of books on writing as well. I just looked at my “Reading Challenge” pinterest board and I see that there are some titles missing from it, probably because they are hiding in a box somewhere. What other books on writing do you have? Or, if that list would be too long, what books on writing were you thinking of reading next?

  2. I’m just starting to collect books on writing, I’d like to work on my writing skills. I never know where to start and will look this up, maybe I’ll be inspired to go off and write too!

  3. This is one of my first and favourite writing books, I love the journey idea and I think it works for both genders with some wriggling, though I’d love to hear what other books you like.

    I love “The Comic Toolbox” by Jon Vorhaus, and “How to write killer fiction” by Carolyn Wheat, have you read either of those?

      • Get the Comic Toolbox, it’s awesome. It was the text for a Writer’s Village comedy writing class I took, and the basis for a couple of the lists in the humour section of my website. Or we could meet up and I’ll loan you my copy.

        • Thanks, Ali! I’m going to buy it because it sounds like a book I’m going to want forever.

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