I Am Not Afraid of Trayvon Martin — 2 Comments

  1. I’ve commented, shared, “Like”d, and tweeted the article – very well-written and certainly thought-provoking for me. I had the privilege of working as an court-appointed advocate for a teenaged foster boy who was Pacific Islander and whose friends were predominantly black. That experience helped me put away the prejudices of my white, upper middle class childhood and realize that these kids were just that – kids! – and that they all deserved my protection and caring as much as if they were children of my own. Thank you for writing and for sharing this!

  2. Your essay holds the key to a better world in one sentence: “The best antidote to fear is education.” Education takes so many forms – formal, travel, reading – that we all can learn and grow with more education. Go women over 50, Boom Chicka Boomers!

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