Bread Pudding — a Master Recipe — 9 Comments

  1. My daughters absolutely love savory bread pudding — their favorite is pizza flavored, with sausage or pepperoni, artichokes, olives, sun-dried tomatoes, lots of oregano and mozzarella. Thanks for the fabulous master recipe!

  2. I love warm bread pudding with a scoop of good vanilla ice cream on top, but it’s January 4th, so I am currently sticking to cutting back on sweets after the holiday splurge. It will be good to have the master recipe for trying the savory ones sometime!

  3. I have always been confused as to what exactly “bread pudding” is. Because when I think about it in a literal sense, it sounds gross, haha. But based on your description, it might not be so bad. Maybe I will get over my aversion and try it the next time someone makes it.

  4. I am glad you did write this one down, it looks marvelous. Will have to try this one and some variations. I do the same as you, will forget to write a recipe down and later try and figure it out.
    Thank you for your nice comment at my site about the artichoke salad 🙂

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