Book Review: Plate to Pixel by Helene Dujardin — 22 Comments

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  2. Your street photos workshop sounds really interesting, too. I find that the more I have taken pictures of food, the more interested I am in taking photos in general. I also agree that reading this book made me more interested in tablecloths!

  3. I like the format in which you write your reviews- very nice sections! I’m not usually a linens person (I appreciate them in restaurants but don’t use them at home because don’t want to bother washing napkins or tablecloths that inevitably collect cat hair), but think if I see garage sales (estate sales still are a bit creepy to me) maybe I should peruse for some misc individual plates and props!

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  5. I NEED this book! I am the worst food photographer around. I know part of it is the lighting, which is not great in my kitchen. I’m definitely going to track this one down.

  6. I’ve had this book for at least five years and haven’t had time to really dig in yet. Glad to hear you found a lot of helpful information in it — I know the photos are gorgeous, and I so admire food stylists and photographers — both arts that I definitely want to learn more about.

  7. I’m so glad to hear you found this book useful. I really struggle with taking pictures of food and would love to know more. Lighting is really difficult in my kitchen, especially in the evenings when the sun has gone down and I have to use my terrible lighting. Hope you enjoy your photography class! I look forward to when I have a chance to attend one.

  8. I would love to use this book to help my food photos. First I need a good camera though as my phone is right now my main camera. We lost our camera in a murky pond in Florida last winter! Maybe I’ll have to ask Santa for a combo gift of the book and a camera!

  9. My food photography is always pretty average so I might pick up some tips from a book like this!

    I don’t really need another book club but the Kitchen Reader is one that does sound like fun!

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  11. I actually bought this book a while ago, but have yet to make the time to read it thoroughly. Obviously it will be well worth my time!

    My youngest is hoping to start a food blog and I volunteered to take the photographs in exchange for free taste tests 🙂 I am glad I have the resource to help me.

  12. I’ve now added this to my wish list. My son is a photographer and I do remember when he had to do some assignments taking pictures of food. He does give me advice, but he doesn’t live in the same city so can’t take my photos for me. Looking forward to reading this, but I’ll have to hide it from him.

  13. I’ve never read a food styling/photography book – and I don’t even have a camera! Just my iPhone. BUT. This book sounds like it’s worth reading, and I’m determined to find a copy and learn some new tips and tricks. Thanks for sharing!

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