Cicadas Galore #SundaySalon — 8 Comments

  1. We were disappointed that the cicadas weren’t out in the part of St.Louis where we stayed recently. We did see a few of them when Brood X made its appearance. What fascinating creatures!
    best, mae

  2. Our cicadas seem to time their re-entry into the world so that it seems like we have one cohort’s beautiful chorus every year.

    Good luck on your writing. You are doing great with your word count. One of my writing friends decided to get a coach. The coach had her writing character summaries yesterday and she was exhausted. I need to set a goal and a timeline so I can get back to regular daily writing on my book.

  3. Oh Lord…I have seen the cicada TikTok videos and I would be a basket case as I am afraid of bugs. We won’t talk about the time we went to Austin, TX for a wedding and you couldn’t walk a step without stepping on piles of live crickets.

    Good luck with your novel!

  4. Ahh the cicadas — so creepy with their read eyes and their dead skeletons. I’m glad we don’t have them here. I had the Broods when I lived in northern VA for 15 years. I could barely mow my lawn for a while. Lol. Keep your head low and watch out for their flights! Enjoy your reading.

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