The Muny — October Memoir Challenge — 7 Comments

  1. I’m pretty sure I was at the Muny for some of those performances. Never at that concession stand, though; we always took a trip to St. Louis as an occasion to eat at a different fancy restaurant.

    My best job was in college, as the editor of the literary magazine. I didn’t realize I got paid until they sent me money right before Christmas, the fall after I’d graduated. Boy was that good timing.

  2. Those were awesome sounding. Mine were never so glamorous, but my job at Hyrum Drug did have one perk. My boss would let me take his Alpha Romeo Spyder to my house and wash it (two-seated convertible). Once he even let me take it to pick up my girlfriend from school. Since I was never going to be able to afford one, I thought it was cool.

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  4. That sounds like a great job, Joy! My best summer job was with with the Department of National Defense – I wrote press releases for their promotional events. I even got to go out to the Calgary Stampede for a week while their video display was there. It was a great job. Kind of wish I’d capitalized on it and gone into PR when I graduated. I think I would have liked that.

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