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  1. Circle Center was our newly built pod-based school. It wasn’t quite as open as what you are describing. It was as if they were trying to implement Montessori architecture without understanding the philosophy. First grade at the old elementary school didn’t have an on-site cafeteria. The head lunch lady cooked our meal at her home and brought it down to us. The. Best. School. Lunch. Ever. Of course, that would violate every rule and statute in the book now.

  2. If I am not mistaken, the strip mall pictured was built in 1977, the year I started high school. It contained a Wal-Mart, which I had never heard of until then. Our family shopped a lot in St. Louis and I knew a lot of store chains but not that one. Over the next four years, many small stores downtown closed.

    By reading facebook I learned a year or two ago that the WalMart had closed, and a new one opened in Bowling Green 11 miles away. People seemed to be grieving its loss the way we grieved the home owned little businesses all those years ago. Just a week or two ago I learned that the Kroger, pictured, is closing as well.

  3. This was interesting. Luckily the “pod” concept hit Canada after my schooling and before my kids entered school. In fact, my kids went to a school that had been built in pods but had walls added later – years before they arrived.

    Several years ago, on a visit to my brother, who still lives i the town I grew up in, he drove me around town to see the “old sights” from our youth. When he drove us past the site of my old high school, I was SHOCKED to learn it had been torn down and town houses built there.

    Now, high school was a miserable time for me, as you’ll learn in my next post, but still, it was horrible to see those years eradicated. It still hurts to think of it, for no good reason I can decipher.

  4. I love those old brick schools. My elementary school had a courtyard in the middle surrounded by hallways to classrooms, the principal’s office, a library, and bathrooms. I loved that school. It was such a sad day when they tore it down to build a retirement community.

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  6. No pods for me in elementary school but we did have an annex and that’s where the first and second graders were.
    At third grade we moved into the main school located on the opposite side of the cafeteria.
    Since we lived on the coast, the school was also a hurricane evacuation center. When we had a hurricane, we often had to go there and spend the night. My father adamently refused to go in the school to spend the night, he stayed outside in the car!!!
    Living in Willoughby, which was a little peninsula sticking out into the water of the Chesapeake, it always flooded. Twice we were evacuated by US Army ducks. ( A 6 wheeled amphibious truck that could travel on land as a truck or in the water as a boat) How exciting!

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