Four Square — October Memoir Challenge — 11 Comments

  1. I never played four square either. 🙁 Actually, I didn’t play a whole lot of games because I skated so much. I remember skipping ropes at lunch and jacks. Jacks were a fun little game between skating practices.

  2. Too bad we don’t have pictures of Ordonia Rules Four Square in action. In some cases it would look a lot like basketball, because players often had both hands high in the air playing the ball. There was a basketball goal above the driveway, ignored.

    I remember enjoying Four Square, both the Ordonia and school varieties, because being fat was not a handicap.

  3. Wow, more shared memories! I had pretty much forgotten about Four Square, but remember playing it on the sidewalk leading from the junior high school side of our Middle School building during recess, and in the basement of the Presbyterian Church, a nice tile floor. It was a good game cause anyone could play: it didn’t require blazing speed or strength. But quickness was certainly helpful! Keep these wonderful posts coming, Joy.

  4. How much I loved the neighborhood games as I was growing up. Thanks for bringing them up! I never even heard of four square! It sounds like it was a lot of fun!
    We played Red Rover a lot. Also Queen Bee (a jump rope game – boys played it too!) And the usual kick ball, baseball, basketball. Oh and another game I loved – Sardines! Anyone ever play that one?
    We played a lot of card games as well – 7UP, Down the River, Crazy Eights, Old Maid, Authors, Setback, War…

    • I’ve never heard of Queen Bee. We played Sardines occasionally when Hide-and-Seek got boring.

      We also played a bunch of card games on bad weather days — eventually we even taught ourselves Bridge!

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