Curls — October Memoir Challenge — 10 Comments

  1. Too lovely! Today I saw a little girl with the most glorious hair reaching up for something at the counter of the coffee bar. Her hair was blond fluffy fuzz in that most romantic cherubs from an old world master’s painting way. Wish I felt better about photographing random strangers, but there you are…no photos.

  2. LOL. It is definitely a curly hair thing. I’ve never had a photo taken of the back of my head because my hair is thin and bone straight. But…my son had the loveliest head of curly white hair when he was younger and I took many artistic photo of him and his hair.

    Nipples that fit on soda bottles. Is that so that babies could drink soda?

    • Ha! I never thought of that. I always assumed that the nipples were a farm supply for converting soda bottles to give milk to baby animals.

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