College Food — October Memoir Challenge — 11 Comments

  1. My mom made something called “sausage souffle,” an ironic title because there was nothing light about it. It was made with McGarrity’s sausages, potatoes and stewed tomatoes. Somehow that combination still works for me. I also liked her lemon bread, drizzled icing always does the trick!

  2. My daughter packs much of her stuff in trash bags when she goes back and forth to college these days. I’m amused to think of them as the equivalent of the Hitchhiker’s towel.

    I missed tomatoes and strawberries. My mother is very particular about them and never bought the tasteless grocery kind–she would ferret out farm markets and find good ones.

  3. Oh, I missed the home-cooked food, too! My grandmother was the main cook in our house–not that my mother couldn’t, but my grandmother dominated the kitchen. There were always desserts because my dad was a meat and potatoes and dessert man. Cafeteria food just didn’t cut it, but there were few places to go out in our small college town. Wonderful memory, Joy!

  4. No one made pies, either fried or baked, like Grams. Also chicken and dumplings, buttermilk biscuits, caste-iron cornbread, pressure cooker green beans-onions-new-potatoes-bacon, ham-hocks and beans, wilted lettuce, home canned jellies, jams, preserves, and relishes…Southern Illinois really is Southern.

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  6. I love the trash bags paragraph! So funny!
    I missed my mom’s baking. Her pastry was to die for. I never learned to make pastry, because I knew I’d never make any that good. Even after I got married, Mom would make rolls of pastry and put them in my freezer whenever she came to visit.

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