Book Review: American Grown and Sweet Potato Yeast Bread — Weekend Cooking — 16 Comments

  1. More of your inspiring breads! I find it really amazing that you can change a recipe like that and still have it turn out great. I don’t have the knowledge to do that yet.

  2. Lovely! I have to see if my machine will accept it. It might be that we have different flours over here. Or so I’ve heard, but I really want to give this a try. I love sweet potato. What did you eat the bread with?

    • I tried it with my substitute for cream cheese (yogurt cheese mixed with a little mayo). My husband liked it with peanut butter and honey. Don’t tell him (he’s allergic to red meat), but I think it would be terrific for a ham sandwich.

  3. That bread looks divine, Joy. Tell me, do your neighbors start showing up at your doorstep whenever you plug in your bread machine? I bet you make the whole neighborhood smell like freshly baked bread all the time!

    I started tearing my greens after washing like you suggested as soon as I noticed the water in my salad spinner started looking green. I thought, “Hey! That green belongs inside my body… not dumped down the drain!”

  4. This bread sounds delicious, Joy! I’ve never tried to convert a quick bread into a yeast bread, indeed, never even thought to do it! But, it is a great idea! I may just try this the next time I’m in a bread baking mood!

  5. Bread machine has been on my list of things to buy. I have sourdough starter in the fridge I end up using for crumpets and pancakes because I hate to turn on the oven. I use the toast oven for most things. Hawaii has a cooler season, but not like on the Mainland where you actually want the oven to warm things a bit. Triple ginger, yep. I do the same thing with tomatoes. Paste, sun-dried and fresh. Gives a lot of depth to a dish. TALU-ho!

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