Book Review: The Good Food Revolution by Will Allen — 10 Comments

  1. Joy, this sounds like a wonderful book! First, Will Allen was mentioned in Michelle Obama’s book, then he’s mentioned again in another book called Urban Farms. I think it’s time for more people to get on board and see how can we reproduce what Allen is doing everywhere that needs gardens and fresh local produce.

  2. When my library did not have this book, I was about to grumble that sustainable agriculture does not seem to be politically correct in Montana. Then I realized that we do not have any cities large enough to make this kind of gardening necessary, so there is not anything to complain about, really, and one public library in the state does actually have a copy.

  3. Joy, thanks for putting something in to Weekend Cooking that doesn’t expand the waistline by just reading it … lots of sweet stuff this weekend. I am going to do some experiments using stevia instead of sugar soon. Hope you are having a good weekend.

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