Library Assistant — October Memoir Challenge — 6 Comments

  1. Oooh, so many things I wish I had fully understood at that time…but then I think the detours were learning those lessons. I see that so often in myself and others that we are just about to step on the express path to our true calling but pull back and take the long more difficult route.

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  3. Good question Joy. I’ve thought about the “what would you change” scenario and can’t think of a thing because without going thru what I went thru I wouldn’t have what I have and be me right now. The big, BIG mistakes have resulted in the most treasured things in my life…like my children…so couldn’t go back for better advice or different directions at all.

  4. I’ve often thought about what I would change. I wish I’d kept writing after I married, really seriously writing – but I know why I didn’t. I wish I’d waited longer, lived on my own and supported myself before marrying – but then I’d have married someone else, and though I can imagine myself just as happy with another husband, I can’t imagine myself with any other children.
    Yes, like you. I like the way my life has played out.

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  6. I was a librarian assistant in High School too. What would I say? Cultivate your instinct and stand your ground, sooner the better. Even if that might cause a butterfly chaos effect? I dunno.

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