Book Review: Julia Child Rules by Karen Karbo — 26 Comments

  1. Oh, I’m so excited to read this book! LOVED My Life in France and the other Julia books I read last year for her 100th birthday celebration. Hadn’t heard of this series — great premise. The other books sound good too. 🙂

  2. I read and enjoyed Karen’s book about Georgia O’Keefe and have been looking forward to this one about Julia. The quote you posted from the book was a great one, a perfectly intriguing hook 🙂 I’ve recently decided to embark upon a reading about Julia project, as I’ve yet to really read much beyond short snippets here n there. I’m excited! Thanks so much for a great post, Joy!


  3. I read a review for this book about two weeks ago and immediately put it on my Christmas wish list! I have not read any of the author’s other books in this series, but I love your idea of doing so before the holidays.

    I am anxious to return here for the Question and Answer post 🙂

  4. I have never heard of this series, but you can bet they are on the list for my next bookstore run – especially the Julia Child book. Thanks for the review, and my husband thanks you for adding to my list. 🙂

  5. Hey Joy,

    Thanks for reading my post about Julia Child Rules. I went to your Facebook page to follow you and saw that you are in Kirkwood. It’s such a small world! My husband and I are from St. Louis. He went to Webster High and I went to St. Joe.

    • Cool! Obviously you’re from St. Louis — you know the importance of the high schools. I grew up and went to high school in a small town between St. Louis and Hannibal on the scenic route: Louisiana, Missouri. We love living in Kirkwood — all the advantages of the metro area but with some of the feel of a small town.

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