Book Review: How Georgia Became O’Keeffe — 14 Comments

  1. Yay! I’m glad you enjoyed this as much as I did. You are so right – Karen Karbo is part of what makes this bio sparkle. I can’t to read your thoughts on the other books.

  2. I did read it, and you probably don’t want to hear what I truly thought. Put it this way: one of the women in my book club ended up quitting soon after we discussed this book, because her feelings were hurt on behalf of the author. I am glad to hear that you and Vasilly enjoyed it, though!

  3. Such synchronicity! I immediately put this book down on my to-read list (unfortunately, I just checked and my library doesn’t have it yet), then I read to the end of your post and realized I just bought How to Hepburn last week! I got it for a discount price from Bookcloseouts. I also put a hold on the Coco Chanel book, which my library does have.

  4. If being a “bit pissed off” is the secret to a long life, then I should live to be a hundred and fifty-two. LOL! This book — and the others in the series — sounds like my cup of tea… I love all of these women. Thanks for the recommendation!

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