Readers’ Workouts — April 2 — 13 Comments

  1. I’m trying to get back into the blogging habit so hopefully you’ll be seeing me sharing links to my workout blog posts with some regularity over the next few weeks.

  2. Breaking 1300 minutes is still something to be proud of! And oh, I know that malaise so well. It is sometimes terribly difficult to talk oneself into exercising. Just remember that you know, rationally, how good it is for you and how good you feel afterward. For me, it’s all about momentum. As long as I go, I keep going. It’s getting into the habit that’s the problem.

    Speaking of which, I had a dismal week of exercise, mostly due to hormonal stuff. I made it to the gym only once. Back on the horse this week, though:
    Monday- 90 min. jazz class
    Wednesday – 60 min. gym
    Thursday – 60 min. gym
    Friday – 60 min. gym

    I need to figure out something to do on the weekends. I pretty much never actually get around to my workout DVDs and my gym is free at work, so I don’t really want to spend money on a gym membership. And I’m not a runner and never will be…perhaps yoga?

    • I like my yoga DVDs. Also it can be fun to just put on some music and dance. Are long walks possible where you live? That’s another fun weekend activity — I can walk over to the city park and see the kiddies playing.

  3. I ended up having to take most of March off due to illness…I had a couple of bad colds, which turned into sinus infections, and there were days where I could barely walk across my house, so exercise just didn’t happen. I’m soooo glad to be feeling better and I’ve already started back up with more of my regular schedule!

  4. Hooray for 13,000 minutes! I totally understand how malaise can get in the way of our goals. Sometimes though, it’s OK to take that step back. A little off time is OK. Keep up the awesome work Joy.

  5. I found your site thru Twitter this morning. I’m back on the workout train after being absent for about 6 months. My goal is to lose 10 pounds in a month (I’ve done this twice before) with a total of 30 pounds lost. This is my first day back on my workout schedule. I just spent an hour on the elliptical machine while listening to my new audio book, Harlan Coban’s Six Years. I plan to spend an hour every day of the week and actually go walking 3x’s per week on a 2 mile walking trail near my house with my walking partner. Want to wish everyone a good week and encourage you to keep going!!

    • Glad to have you! I lose at the rate of about half a pound to a pound a week, so you 10 pounds a month sounds impressive to me!

  6. I think 1300 is great. Better than nothing and it is close to you goal. Setting goals and striving towards them is sometimes more important than reaching them.

  7. I really, really have to get back into a workout routine again. It’s been nice and sunny out, but still really cold – every time I look out the window, though, I think about going for a run.

  8. So I had your blog up all day yesterday… just getting to this now (ha)

    I hope your allergies don’t get the best of you during blooming season. Sometimes life trumps our best plans… what’s important is that we keep trying. It’s Weds, I can’t imagine meeting my weekly goal this week but will try my best.

    Thanks for keeping this going. I love seeing new people participating!

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