Live Like Julia — One Week Finished, a Lifetime to Savor — 7 Comments

  1. For so long, my focus and drive has been on finding a job. The other day I realized that I really had no other goal or project in my life. To do anything else, when my husband strives to make ends meet, feels self-indulgent. That isn’t to say that I don’t do anything else. Mostly I read books when I’m not trying to find a job.

    With that said, today my daughter-in-law and a friend of mine are coming over and we’re going to be creating vision boards. My friend and I did this a few months ago, focusing on our physical space, our homes. This time we will focus on something else. For me, I am asking myself where I want to be in 5 and 10 and maybe even 15 years. I’ll let the images I find in magazines guide me in finding answers. Maybe I’ll find something surprising.

  2. That is one of the ethics we are teaching our kids. To work hard and get the job done. There is great satisfaction in seeing your completed task. (well, two of the three are doing well with this) 🙂

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  4. Hi Joy,
    Sometimes it does take a while to get into the flow of working hard. I sometimes find it frustrating. I’ll block out a few hours or a few days or whatever, and believe that since I’ve blocked out the time, I should be able to instantly dive into my work and be happy. But sometimes it takes more time than we’d like it to. For me, the important thing is to just stick with it and not toss in the towel and check my email. Why do I think Julia didn’t have those problems?

  5. So true that consumption does not make me happy. Working hard does but in the midst of it when the sweat beads on the forehead or the words don’t flow, the lure of some sweet thing (edible, physical, or imagined) seems more attractive than gearing down for slow steady progress on a long hill. That is, until I’m on top, going, “Whew! It’s great to be here.”

  6. Congratulations on your successful experiment! My past is littered with unfinished projects! I think that’s why I like cooking/baking. Each cooking project not only has a clearly visible purpose, but also has a clear-cut beginning and end.

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