Live Like Julia — Tuesday Update — 4 Comments

  1. not very well I must admit. working on being happy and working hard is difficult in your situation, that is when I actually try very hard. I am one who tries to keep others spirits up in times like yours. Which in itself is VERY hard work sometimes. Glad though that you got time to write. That often helps to alleviate the stress in our lives. Pryaing for you all!

  2. I would do well to practice Rule #3 more. I am the Bert to my husband’s Ernie and it’s doing nothing for my frown lines. 😉

    Glad you were able to get some writing in. I always know I’ll feel better about the world if I actually get stuff done, but sometimes taking that first step is hard, especially when other circumstances are in play.

    Hope your mom-in-law is out of the hospital soon.

  3. Joy-
    So sorry to hear about your hospitalized family member. I hope the situation has improved. I am happy you found an hour to write.
    Warm regards,

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