My Gateway Books — a Top Ten Tuesday List — 15 Comments

  1. So nice to see ‘Wishcraft’ on your list. That has to be the best book ever on learning how to reach a goal! I’m so happy to be reminded of it. I read that book when it first came out, maybe 30 -35 years ago! Is that possible? Oh, my!

  2. I never even heard of Emilie Loring until a friend of mine closed her used bookstore and asked me and my family if we wanted any books. There were about a dozen of Ms. Loring’s books there and I thought ‘why not?’. So I tried them and really liked them. I almost put her down on my list this week, but she got edged out by one of Mary Stewart’s books, which I actually read long before I’d even seen any of Ms. Loring’s books anywhere.

    My TTT

  3. I enjoyed reading your list! That library looks like a wonderful place to go…The Boxcar Children were a part of my childhood reading and I still have my collection. What an accomplishment–to read 70 books and lose 70 pounds! 🙂

  4. Good list. I read the Boxcar Children to my daughter when she was younger. She really liked them. As an adult, I was unimpressed, especially with the first in the series. They got better after that.

  5. Your little library is so charming. It reminds me of the one from my childhood. The branch was housed in an old mansion and I used to love going to the “castle library.” Your weight loss story is so inspirational and motivating; thank you for sharing!

  6. What a wonderful list of books. It’s amazing how books have coincided with the important parts of our lives. Emilie Loring was one of my mother’s favorite authors. I tried finding some of them a few years ago and had good luck finding quite a few.

  7. I didn’t know about the Boxcar kids until I was too old for them. Not sure why I wasn’t introduced to them at the appropriate age?! I’ve been meaning to read Oliver Twist for years. Maybe this year I’ll finally get to it!

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  9. thanks for pulling back the veil on your reading journey Joy. Love that public library in Louisiana. Doesn’t it cry out to you – come inside!!


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