Reinvention — A Generation Fabulous Bloghop — 22 Comments

  1. Joy, What an inspiring story. I knew you loved France and gardens and books, but I didn’t know about your turn toward healthy eating and weight loss. Congratulations.

  2. Great post! Wonderful end to a long journey for you. I wish I had half your resolve to never look back once you started your weight loss. I will check out those books when I am ready to begin that journey myself.

  3. Congratulations on your persistence and discipline! I think your advice about switching things up is great! I haven’t been a serial dieter, but I like the idea of keeping things interesting when it comes to eating healthy.

  4. I just have to say you look fabulous! What a great story and how appropriate that books inspired you and helped you. It’s great that you can directly relate your better health to your weight loss.

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  6. Hi Joy! What a great story of reinvention and congratulations on a new and more healthy you. Your’s is certainly an inspiring story and a good reminder to us all that it CAN be done–it’s certainly not usually easy but it sounds like you were properly motivated, especially enough to find what worked for you! And how appropriate that it was BOOKS that was just the carrot you needed! ~Kathy

  7. This is a topic I can relate to a lot — managing the middle aged spread. Ugh. I am grateful to read about another person’s journey, and I love all the book recommendations. Thanks for taking the time to share your experience.

  8. What an inspiration you are! I think switching things up is the key to being successful. And to use books as a reward was brilliant!

  9. Wow, Joy! What an amazing transformation. I can’t even believe the woman in the picture above is you! Your message is one our culture desperately needs to hear. Keep on telling it! It is inspiring and wonderful and you make reinvention very accessible by being so real about the rewards as well as the challenges.

  10. Fabulous you! Your commitment and strength certainly paid off. Your smile says it all – you are obviously very happy with yourself these days – and rightly so. I love that you incorporated your love of books with your weight loss. Bravo.

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  12. Congratulations, Joy! You look and feel great and now you are taking it one step farther and encouraging others through this blog. Bravo!

  13. Joy, I really enjoyed the way you unpacked your transformation, you really have a gift, having been through my own weight loss years ago I know how overwhelming it can feel to begin. Yet the way you share I imagine anyone would have the courage to embrace their own journey. What a gift.

  14. What a fantastic reinvention you made Joy. Great that you kept trying, that you read 70 (70!) books, that you switched things around to stop getting bored, and keep progressing- that’s all very hard to do. I’ve only seen photos of your after self before this post- I wouldn’t have recognised you before. Congratulations! So great to get off medications, and get healthy. I’ve lost 20kg this year, and now have to stop the slide backwards.

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