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  1. I always liked Freddy, his strut his vocals and the fun of Queen. I always thought all the guys in the band were gay because of their band’s name! I enjoyed the movie more than I thought I would and seeing the surviving members at the Academy Awards was endearing.

  2. Joy, my first memory is stomping on those same bleachers, I think. And on the jukebox at Angelo’s, We Will Rock You and We Are The Champions were separate songs requiring separate payment.

    I associate Bohemian Rhapsody with ice skating on the slough, which is just as odd as church camp and a different time of year. It was on the boom box and also there was a discussion of the lyrics.

    A few years later, I remember I was “riding around,” actually driving the family Plymouth, cheap factory radio blaring, with three friends and a fifth of black label. It was getting late, and hazy, but we continued when someone said “we might hear Another One Bites the Dust again.” And we did. Hear it again, I mean. We didn’t bite the dust despite our risky behavior. Obviously, we were invincible. It came as a shock when Freddy died a few short years later. And, one of those friends is gone already.

  3. People suspend six-year-olds?? Surely, if a six-year-old is doing the kinds of things that merit suspension in older kids, some kind of serious intervention is needed? I have a good friend who was, until this year, a teacher in a program that took the most disruptive, troubled students (candidates for expulsion) into a very small and focused classroom environment. She did age 12+, but there was a teacher for little ones too. She was working with kids from extremely chaotic, difficult backgrounds and it seemed to work really well; the tiny class size, massive attention, and excellent teacher combo seemed to help them. I would like to see that kind of thing in more districts, but apparently it’s not that common. It’s not a wealthy district at all, quite the opposite.

    Anyway, here’s some Yeats and Irish movies for you.

  4. I always liked Queen – from getting their first (and not available in the US) album from a friend who was older and more tuned into music – to the chills from the Live Aid set… an interesting set of lyrics and musicality that hit it on the nose with the ‘lasting power’ of the music.

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