On the Brink of Brexit #BriFri — 6 Comments

  1. I have certainly appreciated your easy to understand explanations of Brexit, especially your past posts. Politics can be confusing.

    I brought you an espionage book this week by Charles Cumming. He’s a British author I just discovered. Love his style

  2. I’ve been following Brexit, but holy moley what a mess.

    Meanwhile, I read the first spy novel, featuring two young Englishmen out to save their country. There is an incredible amount about boats.

    I also read a much more obviously Welsh trilogy (well, two-thirds of it) by Jasper Fforde, tons of fun.

  3. none of May’s losses this past week are ‘binding’ in a ‘she must do’ sense – but they are slowly and surely proving that whomever decided this was the course forward for the UK didn’t make any sort of plan – and that May and the Conservatives have Zero plan – and fewer ideas of how to bring forward a plan that will not leave the UK scrabbling to hold their economy together in the midst of free-fall. Been watching the debates and discussion all week – and quite frankly – from what I get from family in Brussels and Strasbourg – there’s little to no patience left with her visits / dealings and the lack of plan in the UK. It’s scary actually – since this is a disastrous move, I don’t see May as being particularly prescient or populist, with this an example of polemic and misinformation carrying a country into a problem — without the intelligence on the leadership side to create and enact a plan. I’m hoping for the best – not particularly optimistic though.

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