A Brexit deal, maybe? #BriFri — 4 Comments

  1. That is quite a bit of information on Brexit and appreciated. I have been confused about it with the news I’ve read so far. Now this is a blast from the past, for me, but I was traveling in Spain in the late 1970s and saw Gibraltar from near Algeciras. I was quite confused why I couldn’t visit then, having been told I’d need to go through England!

    I submitted a Kate Morton book today as the setting is entirely in England.

  2. T May is useless – and while they haven’t mustered up the votes for no-confidence – that says more about her ‘supporters’ and detractors being unable to work toward a common goal, and the obvious fact to anyone who’s watched this for a while that NO ONE wants to be in charge of any part of the Brexit bits – advisers and cabinet members are dropping like flies, and while Gibralter is being ‘blamed’ for the latest stops in progress – it’s merely the dewdrop on the rose that is the mess to come. It’s a right proper mess, fueled by the same sentiments that are rampant here – and is a good lesson for all to see what a ‘nationalistic’ attitude and approach can do.

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