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  1. I thought the Washington Post video was very fair. I can see both sides of the argument which doesn’t help! I think one thing that is not realised overseas is that Britain has about a quarter of the population of the USA in an area about the size of Oregan, and every person (450m) in the EU has the right to move here. This is very attractive to people from the poorer countries. Most come to work, but it puts enormous strains on infrastructure, housing, schools, and healthcare. The equivalent would be if everyone from South America was allowed to move to the USA and be entitled to the same benefits as USA citizens. This is why immigration is such a big issue.

  2. Thank you for the link to the video, very informative. Was just reading Michelle’s comment above and what a great example she stated, if all from S.A. moved here….how would that be paid for, the immigration policies are on the forefront here obviously.
    Hot topic,. Very sad to read about Jo Cox death yesterday.

    On a lighter note, I am happy to be linking up with you today having missed last week. I see many kinks and travels to read about this week and last. We were on vacation, celebrating 32nd wedding anniversary:-)

  3. Having lived in Quebec I know the feelings when there are referendums on separating. The environment was tense and rife with emotion.
    I am one of those who prefer the status quo.
    But I also remember the anxiety of my Irish relatives when Ireland was becoming part of the EU.

  4. I honestly had no idea what this was all about, my focus being on a strip of islands and an enormous continent an ocean away.

    Thank you, Joy, for your concise reporting of the overall issue and for the video link.

    There is much to ponder. I remember when you were overseas during the Scotland vote, I was a bit surprised by the outcome. Perhaps in that and in this, the familiar feels safer to some than the uncertainty of the unknown.

  5. I spent the last two weeks in the UK and read a lot of articles on the referendum, and I don’t feel that I know enough to have an opinion. I kind of think it’s going to go like the Scotland vote did and they’ll stay. But I do see both sides.

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