Victoria, Season 3 #FilmReview #BriFri — 5 Comments

  1. Looking forward to revisiting Victoria when we get back to London in May! I must say, participating in your British Isles Friday has expanded my knowledge and appreciation for the land of my birth. Thanks, Joy, for being such a great guide.

  2. I actually did a binge watch of season 3 last weekend – there was a bunch of ‘waiting about’ for stuff – so that worked. The only piece I hadn’t known was the fierceness with which Albert clung to the exhibition idea and Victoria’s change of perspective – knew the Crystal Palace story from both greenhouse and football club. I love the ‘history behind’ when they offer them – the Boston Public Television (and library) were always good about having that information available… it’s a bit more scattered here in Atlanta – better to have a start point and do your own.

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