The British Stuff of My Week #BriFri — 7 Comments

  1. I certainly look forward to British Isles Friday each week. Even if I can’t participate I like seeing what you post about and you give me ideas about new books and series. Glad you mentioned Last Goodnight as its been on my to-read list but I pass it by and grab another book.

    I hope you enjoy the Tana French books, she is one of my favorites!

  2. I watched season one of Death in Paradise and it is a cozy. Like a Miss Marple or Murder She Wrote. I found Happy Valley too gritty for me so only watched a few episodes.

  3. I thought I’d direct folk to a bit about Constable Country this week – a kind of ‘ten and now’. I enjoy Scott and Bailey and Foyle’s War when I get round to it and feel I should have been following Home Front – it sounds amazing from what friends have told me. I’m VERY impressed that you have! This week we had a screening in our village of the film, ‘the Battle of the Somme’, made at the front during the lead up to and early stages of the battle 100 years ago. It caused a sensation when shown in cinemas at the time, because most of the public at the time hadn’t much idea of what it was like over there. On the very first day of the attack, 1st July, the British Army suffered more than 57,000 casualties, of which just under 20,000 were killed. The film was a little more sanitised than the reality, of course…but a bit of history in its own right.

  4. I read Gentian Hill by Elizabeth Goudge, which is set near Torquay during the Napoleonic Wars. It’s a lovely book, and for one thing really brings home how and why the English so adored Nelson.

    I also read Strongholds, whose heroine loves the countryside. Finishes up in a fictional version of the author’s own home, an ancient little manor house.

  5. I’ve tried but for some reason I just can’t get into Maisie Dobbs. I don’t know why. I absolutely adore Foyle’s War, just such lovely, rich characters. I don’t know that I’ve seen the series in order from start to finish so I might try that — especially as Doc Martin seems stuck in eternal reruns.

    I’d hoped to be in England for real this year but life got in the way and as you know, I’m still trailing around Britain in my head!

    As always, thanks for hosting such a fun meme!

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