Can We Talk? #CompassionateSunday — 4 Comments

  1. Although there’s no point in wallowing in discouragement, it’s a natural progression towards awareness. You need to notice flaws and sometimes things will seem overwhelming on the way to awareness. I say embrace the lows as well as the highs, because they are a sign that you are growing inwardly. 🙂

  2. I think discouragement is part of the process. Ad long as we don’t stay to do long or linger in discouragement. For me to truly be discouraged is to begin to truly feel true authentic empathetic response and motivated me to continue to trudge forward and onward.

  3. You are so right, Joy. We can only control ourselves. I’ve often thought about the compassionate levels of others, but it’s important to turn inward and look at myself instead.

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