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Death in ParadiseWe’re going to Cuba next month, so I keep trying to find ways to connect the Caribbean to the British Isles. I described the very brief time when Britain was the colonizing power in Cuba. Of course, Great Britain was the colonizing power in other Caribbean islands. The fictional island of Saint Marie apparently had colonial ties to both the Brits and the French, which makes for one of several recurring gags in Death in Paradise, a mystery TV series that airs on BBC One.

After watching the series Scott & Bailey and Vera, Death in Paradise seemed quite light in comparison. It took me about three episodes before I got hooked. By then, I began to appreciate the humor, which often parodies other detective shows, and I got to know and like the regular characters.

I almost gave up a second time at the beginning of the third season, due to a shocking event, but I stuck it out and it turned out that Death in Paradise just got more charming!

The guest stars add a fun dimension to Death in Paradise. You never know who you might recognize from other British TV shows.  All kinds of characters show up on the island of St. Marie to be a victim, suspect, or murderer. It’s easy to see the allure for a British actor — come spend a couple of weeks in the Caribbean for a paying gig! Given the rapport between the regular characters, I’m guessing that it’s a fun set to work on, too.

Season 4 has been shown in Britain but isn’t available on Netflix yet. Wikipedia reports that there will be a Season 5.

Have you seen Death in Paradise?


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  1. I have seen Death in Paradise too and had exactly your reaction. Compared to some of our favorite British tv shows, it seems quite light but it grows on you.
    You’re going to Cuba! I hadn’t realized that; oh wow! That’s going to be an amazing adventure, one that very few others have had. At least not for years and years! I really can’t wait to see what you have to say about it.

  2. I love this series. The scenery is so great, and I love the restaurant, and the little lizard/gecko at the house. I thought I wouldn’t want to see the series with the new fellow, but I finally gave it a try, and actually like it even a bit better. Lovely show. I am happiest watching British television. There was a recent Booksmarks magazine which featured Cuban writing. I went to their website and typed Cuba into the search bar, and there are many titles listed.

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  4. I have not seen Death in Paradise but I like British shows so will certainly check it out. I hope it’s ok to add a British author and review to link up. Can’t locate my photos of England yet.

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  10. I do watch Death in Paradise. The reason it is so popular is that it is cleverly written, with likeable characters, deceptively clever writing (every clue is shown if you’re bright enough to put it together), it is not “gritty”, “worthy”, gory, “meaningful”, “edgy”, “urban” or “dark”.

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