Suffragette #BriFri #FilmReview — 8 Comments

  1. I’m with you, if we have an opportunity to vote you just have to go! I have not seen this movie but it sounds like an interesting piece. I can’t believe Switzerland didn’t allow women to vote until 1971, that really is astounding.

  2. Im gradually working my way through the Man Booker longlist. The Many by Wyn Menmuir is set in a small Cornish fishing village which is facing destruction from pollution. A superb novella – pity it didnt make the shortlist

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  4. Has a strong message and Carey Mulligan is great, but the execution failed to ever captivate me. The camerawork is very sloppy, and director Sarah Gavon didn’t mesh scenes together well, and paced the film poorly.

  5. I enjoy seeing movies that cover historical events that we learned about so briefly in school. It’s very instructive to see what life was like so long ago and how it’s still present in parts of the world today. Only voters make the laws, so if you don’t have the vote, you get the short end of the stick.

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