It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? — 10 Comments

  1. Great books! And I think King Lear is quite readable, especially if you’re used to Shakespeare. When I was taking a Shakespeare class in college, I’d read the play, then watch a film recording of it, then read it again. Good luck!

  2. I think I ought to add How To Be Black to my tbr list! Looking forward to your review/commentary.

    I’ve read several of Gareth Hinds graphic novels and I must say I am VERY pleased to discover another adult who is getting primed in some classics by reading the graphic novel versions first. I’ve caught up on quite a few I’ve missed over the years and of which I don’t quite feel motivated to read the full length original versions. Are you reading King Lear on your own? I’ll try to grab the Hinds’ GN this week and read it, too. I’m not so sure I’ve got the dedication right now to read Shakespeare’s King Lear [true version].

    I think my teen is reading Hamlet and Othello this year. I might give one of those originals a go instead.

    • I’m reading King Lear on my own as part of my English reading. It’s the earliest setting of Shakespeare’s history plays, being based on a legend about a Celtic pre-history king. Although Gareth Hinds used a more faintly medieval setting for his version.

    • There are some really attractive graphic novel versions of Hamlet. I read Hamlet in high school, but more recently, I just stuck with the graphic novel and film versions and didn’t read the actual play.

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