Readers’ Workouts — October 2 — 9 Comments

  1. I am so happy to be able to participate in this now!! I’ve linked up my post. 🙂

    I’ve just gotten deeper into strength training over the last month, and it’s really made a huge difference in how I feel. I hope it does the same for you too!

  2. One good thing about my Monday night blitz is that the hour of group class not only includes stretching, it is the perfect warm-up for sparring class so I can do the head kick right out of the gate. After nearly four years of karate I think I am finally at a decent level of sparring ability.

    • I’m amazed how much difference preparation makes. I can get into certain yoga positions only if I do routines that prepare me well for them. Definitely, head kicks would take some pre-stretching!

  3. Congratulations on meeting your September goals! I ran again this morning, but I’ve been neglecting the 30 Day Shred 🙁 October is suddenly looking incredibly crazy, so I’m hoping I’ll be able to keep up with my workouts!

  4. Huge congratulations in meeting your workout goals for September, Joy! You were worried about not making it and YOU DID! High five!

    I’m so glad to hear you’re going to add some strength training into your workouts. It’s so important for our bone health as we get older–especially for women. 🙂

    I did well last week … clocked in with about 382 minutes total for the week.
    I’m really happy with my monthly totals, too.. 1834.6 minutes which is equivalent to 30 hours and 35 minutes! YAHOOO! Biking the gran fondo totally pushed me over the top this month.

    I guess my goal for October is to finish with 1500 minutes. 1800 minutes is closer to an hour a day, but the 1500 takes into account run days on which I typically only run 30-45 minutes, not a full hour. Although maybe I should run an hour.. 5-6 miles instead of 3-4. Hmm.. 😉

  5. I’ve been away from Readers’ Workouts for about a month but I have been running…! Well done for getting through all your goals for September and for increasing them this month.

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