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  1. I haven’t posted at all about exercise on my blog this week, so I’ll just share here.

    This past week my exercise included running 2.5 to 3 miles every other day. On the off days I’ve done weight routines and crunches (I work out with 15 and 20 pound dumbbells). This morning I broke up the routine by taking an 8 mile bike ride on the trail where I normally run. It was a lot of fun. I got to see parts of the trail that I don’t normally see and worked my upper leg muscles. I was shooting for 10 miles (5 out, 5 back) but rounded a corner and saw a rather large skunk right on the side of the trail. I found out quickly that my bike breaks work really well. I decided not to be foolish and instead turned around and headed back. The skunk was certainly not intimidated by me or the bike. Was able to warn off a lady and her dog on the way back. It was really fun and I am determined to ride my bike at least once a week as an alternative to my usual routine.

    • Definitely the better part of valor not to mess with a skunk! That’s a great week of workouts!

    • Way to go, Carl! I read your race post a week or so ago on my phone.. sorry I didn’t get around to coming back to post a comment. I didn’t, did I? I can’t remember now.. Anyway, high five on your fitness progress. It’s a beautiful thing making headway to a healthier and hence happier you, isn’t it? So empowering and just plain feels good!

      Great to hear you’re mixing it up with the bike now. I am a cross trainer at heart myself. It’s good to add a variety of activities to your routine.. it prevents boredom, it gives you alternatives when you have an injury or find a new workout buddy, etc.. and I like that it sort of “shocks” your body from getting too used to the same thing over and over. Makes your mind and muscles work differently.

      Happy trails! 😀

      • I would describe myself as a cross trainer at heart, too. Hmmm. Maybe I should be doing more of it!

    • yeah.. I pretty much avoid turning my compost pile when it’s that hot. Or I do it 2nd thing in the morning after my workout when I’m already sweaty. 😉

  2. I’m not likely to make an exercise post this week. Just too far behind on everything else. However, I am mostly getting my walks done. I made more than a mile every day but two last week. On Wednesday, I did a mile even and on Thursday only half a mile.

    My left knee is feeling out of sorts. Not exactly painful, but like it might give when it shouldn’t. I did some serious damage to it about eight years ago. Splintered the shin bone vertically and had to have a plate, plus screws installed to stabilize it. The knee was twisted and sprained in the process. Over the years, I’ve gotten it back to almost normal usage, but it still acts up if I forget my glucosomine or put too much strain on it.

  3. Hi everyone!
    I had an awesome workout week last week and clocked in with 537 minutes of exercise. That’s almost NINE hours of exercise! Woot!

    The cycling I do is really the thing that is boosting my time. I biked midweek for 22+ miles and then rode 60+ miles on Saturday. I also ran two days–3.22 mi and 3.65 mi, went to my favorite kickbox class and my favorite strength training class as well.

    I lost over 30lbs in 2010 and have kept it off.. which is fantastic. But I still hadn’t reached my goal. So just yesterday I recommitted myself to losing that last 25lbs. I hope to lose it before Thanksgiving (Nov. 18 is my deadline as a matter of fact), so I hope to see my exercise hours jump even more in the coming months. Most likely in the form of more strength training, little pockets of jump roping, longer more frequent cycling, etc.

  4. I haven’t really been running for the past 2 weeks and it has had an affect on my running ability. 🙁

    But I’m back! I might be sluggish, but I’m back…

    90F+ sounds like hell to me. I like nice sunny weather but don’t cope well with heat. I bet all your exercise in the past months has really helped with the gardening!

    • I’ve been motivated the last couple of winters to exercise by the desire to garden without injury. Knock on wood — it’s been working this summer!

  5. I’m a day late with this post but I am so happy with my first month of consistent exercise in awhile. Thanks for the encouragement and motivation I received from being a part of the Readers Exercise Program!

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