Readers’ Workouts June 19 — 15 Comments

  1. Not sure if it was appropriate to include the link to my latest exercise-related post or not, but there it is.

    Oh my gosh, those pictures of Ireland are GORGEOUS! What a treat it would be to get in shape by walking around looking at stuff like that. WOW! When I think of Ireland I think of this lush green color palette contrasted against the muted colors of stone and your pix reflect that. Lovely.

  2. Hi Joy! Welcome home! Your photos of Ireland are gorgeous!!!!

    I linked up my monthly workout journal–just ignore that part of my name that says “2nd post”–forgot to change that since my last Mr.Link thing over at Beth’s for Weekend Cooking. Oops. 😉

    I came in with 355 minutes (almost 6 hrs) last week, which I’m pleased with. I forgot to link up my workouts from LAST week.. which is a shame because thanks to a 70mile bike ride that took about 5 hours, I racked up over 481 minutes (8 hours) of exercise that week! Yay!!! 😀

    Keep moving everyone! xo

  3. Oh, great pictures. Ireland is wonderful. And, yes, great for walking!

    I have been extremely inactive in the last couple of weeks due to health issues and only started doing exercise again yesterday. Hopefull I will get back into the swing of things soon.

    • Good job getting back to it. I’m beginning to think that the secret to long-term success is the persistence of getting back to it after the inevitable bumps in the road.

  4. Welcome back! I love your photos of the Emerald Isle.
    I hope my post this week is OK. It is about the other elephant in the room, as far as I am concerned, diet as it relates to exercise. I can’t go out there and expend all that energy without addressing my eating habits too!
    BTW In my book gardening counts!! It involves sweating.

  5. I’m so glad you highlight everyday actions as exercise! So many people think that exercise is just going to a gym or jogging or swimming. Weeding, vacuuming, unloading groceries, doing laundry – all of these chores provide various levels of exercise to different muscle groups! It’s no wonder sometimes we feel too tired for the gym :0)

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