Our first taste of Cuban food came early in our trip – in Miami, the night before our flight to Cuba. The Latin Café was across from our airport hotel. The menu was large and varied with all-American food plus a selection of south-of-the border offerings.

Drinks in Miami

The Latin Café apparently doesn’t have a liquor license, so cocktails weren’t an option. I’d hoped for my first mojito of the trip. Instead, I got sangria and Rick ordered a glass of champagne.

Our meal at the Latin Café in Miami

The most adventurous dish we ordered was yuca, also called cassava, a root vegetable that was prepared with onions and a citrusy sauce. We took it as a good sign that we both liked it!

Restaurante Las Mamparas

Our first meal in Cuba was lunch the following day in Cienfuegos at a restaurant called Las Mamparas.

This meal set the tone for most of our meals in Cuba. We were offered a choice of chicken, fish, or pork. Cubans rarely eat beef. Cows are for milk and milk is for children.

Chicken at Las Mamparas, Cienfuegos, Cuba

The protein portion invariably came out perfectly grilled and tender. This was my chicken at our first lunch.

The side dishes were chef-selected and often served family style.

Typically, the meal began with a salad. Most often the salad was not tossed like American salads. It was a small selection of vegetables, almost always including shredded cabbage, arranged in a pretty manner on a platter. Oil and vinegar would be passed around in cruets.

Fish served at Las Mamparas, Cienfuegos, Cuba

Rick chose fish for his first meal.

Besides the salad, we often got rice with black beans (traditionally called Moors and Christians), fresh fruit, and dessert.

I’ll share more details about food in a future post. The meals got a bit more varied when we reached Havana.

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  2. All looks very yummy! My parents were snow birds in FL so we went to visit every winter and enjoyed FL style Cuban foods in little Havana. The plantains fried, not healthy but tasty!

  3. The salad does look delicious. Don’t know much about Cuban foods. Didn’t know they didn’t like much beef. The other two choices are just as good.

  4. That sure looks good. We are big fans of Cuban cuisine and I whip up piccadilla or Arroz con pollo every so often.
    Looking forward to details of your trip and seeing more food shots!

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  11. Yuummmmy! I love black beans and rice…and mojitos! I want to go traveling again soon. Your Cuba posts are making me want to go somewhere, anywhere!

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