Today’s post features my favorite meal during our trip to Cuba. I’ve written before about the food for our first two days in Cuba — delicious but with a certain sameness about the offerings. The variety of food increased when we arrived in Havana.

Our most varied meal was served at an organic farm that we visited during a day trip from Havana to the west of the island, in the Pinar del Rio province.

Organic farm in Cuba

Terraced, raised beds for growing organic vegetables on a hillside

Organic farm in Pinar del Rio, Cuba

The dramatic view from the open-air pavilion where we were served lunch

Pinar del Rio, Cuba

The farm’s specialty herbal cocktail, said to have health benefits. We were offered the choice of having it with or without rum.

Pinar del Rio, Cuba

First course: squash soup

Pinar del Rio, Cuba

Medley of starchy vegetables

new Weekend Cooking logoJoin me next week — I’ll share some of what I learned about agriculture in Cuba for the Weekend Cooking folks.

Here are my previous posts about Cuba, most with photos for Saturday Snapshot at West Metro Mommy Reads:


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  1. I am so glad you are posting photos of your trip. Going to Cuba would be a great trip. I love the raised bed gardens and the squash soup.

  2. What a lovely spot for lunch and a refreshing cocktail/mocktail. 😉 It looks like a fascinating trip–I’ll have to check out some of your other posts. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I admire all organic gardeners. Just for my own garden and fruit trees and bushes, it is a lot of work to stay organic. These garden beds look fabulous!

  4. Was glad to see squash soup; Cuban starchy veggies! Looks similar to veggies we see here in NYC in Dominican neighborhoods. Raised bed garden and view look beautiful!

  5. I’m curious about the herbal cocktail! Is it a traditional recipe or something new for the cocktail crowd, I wonder? Great photos! You must give a fantastic travelogue program!

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