Food in Cuba #SaturdaySnapshot #WeekendCooking — 19 Comments

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  2. All looks very yummy! My parents were snow birds in FL so we went to visit every winter and enjoyed FL style Cuban foods in little Havana. The plantains fried, not healthy but tasty!

  3. The salad does look delicious. Don’t know much about Cuban foods. Didn’t know they didn’t like much beef. The other two choices are just as good.

  4. That sure looks good. We are big fans of Cuban cuisine and I whip up piccadilla or Arroz con pollo every so often.
    Looking forward to details of your trip and seeing more food shots!

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  11. Yuummmmy! I love black beans and rice…and mojitos! I want to go traveling again soon. Your Cuba posts are making me want to go somewhere, anywhere!

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