Our tour to Cuba had an unusual component. After we all got home, we had expert assistance to help us edit and print three of our photos. Our adventure culminated last week in an exhibit at the Bullivant Gallery  to benefit the Delta Gamma Center for Children with Visual Impairments.

Guerilla Street Food, St. Louis, Missouri

A food truck parked in front of the gallery to serve Cuban cuisine.

Rick at Bullivant Gallery, St. Louis, Missouri

Rick, entering Bullivant Gallery

I’ll share the photos that we exhibited in the order that they were taken on our trip, kind of a mini-tour.

Cienfuegos, Cuba

Rain in Cienfuegos, by Rick

The next three photos were all taken during one adventurous walk in Havana. After a morning in the tourist spots, our leader wanted us to see where Havana’s residents lived and shopped. Our group made for a curious sight, wandering through an area that didn’t encounter many tourists, American or otherwise.

Soviet car in Havana

Not all the cars in Havana were 1950s US models. There were also Soviet-era cars. I took this photo because I was attracted by the shadows and the shades of browns and greens.

Women on balcony, Havana, Cuba

Woman on balcony

Man on balcony, Havana, Cuba

Man on balcony, by Rick

Apartment, Viñales, Cuba

Rick took this photo in Viñales, Cuba. It’s a tourist town in the west, tobacco-growing region, with lots of colorful houses operating as B&Bs or restaurants. We got off onto a side street and found the apartment blocks where residents live.

The Malecón sea wall, Havana, Cuba

The Malecón sea wall, Havana, Cuba with Morro Castle in the background

It was so much fun to spend another evening with our fellow travelers. We had a huge crowd with everyone’s friends and families, along with supporters of the Delta Gamma Center and members of the public who appreciate the photographic arts in St. Louis or had a particular interest in Cuba.

Rick and Joy, Bullivant Gallery, St. Louis, Missouri

Rick and Joy at the Colors of Cuba exhibit, Bullivant Gallery

We went back to the gallery the next day because Rick’s mom didn’t want to drive in the dark for the Friday evening event. That’s when we discovered that someone bought one of my prints!

Bullivant Gallery, St. Louis, Missouri

Someone bought this photo!

We were still there when the purchaser came by to pick up his photos. His parents are exiled Cubans who came to the US in 1961. My photo will be a Christmas gift to his brother. The Delta Gamma Center for Children with Visual Impairments and I are grateful and I hope his brother enjoys the gift.

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