Eating in Havana #WeekendCooking #SaturdaySnapshot — 20 Comments

  1. The food looks amazing — especially the great variety you were able to taste. The appetizer plate would make the perfect dinner for me! Fun that you got to indulge in lobster.

  2. I want to sample all of that! It all sounds and looks delicious. I’ve only had lobster once or twice and am neutral on the subject but I have a feeling I would quickly become a fan. I love the table setting at the restaurant. Everything looks lovely. It sounds like you had a wonderful trip!

    • The fancy restaurant is where we met a doorman who makes more than twice as much at that job than his day job — as a doctor! Every one struggles in Cuba, but there’s, mostly, a “we’re all in this together” attitude that helps. I wrote a bit about that and the political climate in my book review of Cuban Revelations.

  3. Lobster, did you say lobster??? Thank-you for the pictures of the food. I think what is served and how it is prepared says so much about a culture and understanding the differences and reasons from the foods that are available to us and that we eat!

  4. I’m so glad you took all these pictures of the food you ate in Cuba. I love knowing how others live and, in particular, eat. I really love the photo of the tablecloth, silverware and plate. I would have been blown away if I sat down at a table that beautiful and grand. Thanks, Joy.

  5. Your trip must have been amazing. I took so many food pictures in Rome, where we went for our trip in October, maybe I could get another Weekend Cooking post or two out of them! I want to go back to Italy, but may go to Spain instead for our next big adventure. (But who knows when that will be?)

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  7. Ooooh that appetizer plate looks absolutely amazing! As others mentioned, that would make a perfect dinner for me. Delicious! What an amazing experience to visit Cuba before it becomes too touristy.

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