Dead Scared by Sharon Bolton #BookReview #BriFri — 7 Comments

  1. That was quite a big party you had last week. I don’t think I saw all the linkups and must go visit.

    The Lacey Flint series is new to me but I shall place it on my Brit List for future reading. I don’t mind darker mysteries or detective novels, I don’t like horror though. Anything with a setting in England suits me well.

  2. Bolton is new to me but I absolutely love the writing that you shared. I’m partial to writers who can take us somewhere and she really does. I’m also intrigued by Lacey Flint and her impoverished background—the way she described the plump-faced students with college scarves etc was wonderful—but she also brought to mind Lucy Barton in Elizabeth Strout’s new book, I Am Lucy Barton. We forget that poverty doesn’t mean less money for food and housing, but that the poor are left out of our cultural history too.
    And you really do need to get to Cambridge, it might be the one place in England, that I’ve seen and you haven’t!

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