Persistence for Creative Big Magic #ReadAlong — 3 Comments

  1. I think there’s a balance to persistence. Unfortunately, balance is hard to find.

    A few years ago I hesitantly started a novel. I hesitated for the same reason as you. For so many years I’ve given up on creative projects, I worried about taking on a mammoth project like a novel. For three years I stuck with writing my novel. Even as it started to become clear that I had no solutions to the one persistent problem of the sagging middle, I refused to give up on it.

    Then this summer I reluctantly made the decision to quit. The novel was killing all joy in my life, but I still felt terrible about my decision. Family and friends had supported my work. How could I give it up? I also kept telling myself that I was once again a failure.

    And yet…. hindsight tells me it was the best thing I ever did. I learned a lot from writing the novel and wouldn’t take back that experience but I wasn’t ready to write it. And now I’m ready to move forward. For a time, I’ll be following a plan similar to yours. That is, I’ll work on short pieces and for markets who are unlikely to reject me. After that, I do actually plan to tackle longer projects again and query big markets.

    All the best with your endeavors! Even though you might not realize it, you’ve already shown persistence in creativity. You have a blog to which you faithfully post.

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