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  3. Joy, have you heard of The Motivation Manifesto? It might be a great read-along book for the challenge. I just finished reading an article by the author in next month’s O magazine and it was really thoughtful when it comes to motivation and keeping goals.

  4. Does it count if I finish a book that is already in progress? 🙂 Also, is this a non-fiction only challenge? As a language learner I’ve been meaning to read one book in translation that will hopefully help me read the author in the original later in the year 🙂 Besides, there’s a personal situation I need to get over, and I’ve been thinking that reading some Paulo Coelho should help.

    • Books already started definitely count and so do re-reads — I think I’ll be doing both! I love the idea of using a fiction book for this challenge! I’ve used fiction to help me learn about places and history — it’s very cool if you can find books that will help with language and personal situations.

      • Great! I’m also thinking of finishing a couple of children’s books in Swedish in order to start reading adult books later on, if that’s okay 🙂

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  10. Happy New Year to you Joy! I am late to officially signing up for your challenge just because I haven’t had a moment to write an official sign-up post, but am going ahead and signing up now because the month is flying by and intention-wise, I am already participating in what is my favorite reading challenge of the year!

    I am reading 4 books to help me focus on my health/wellness goals for the new year.

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  12. I’m late! Last year I was semi-functional. This year I am running perpetually late. I guess I should be grateful that I am even functional at all! I’m signing up at the committed level (and hoping I don’t end up being committed).

    I’m starting a business this year which accounts, in part, for my frazzled state. My three books have been chosen with maximizing my chances for success in that endeavor in mind.

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  15. Well, I guess it pays to be flexible. I had planned to read writing and creativity books for this challenge, but the books I ordered were lost by the post office and still floating around out there somewhere. So I changed focus and went with health and fitness. So far I have read 8 Weeks to Optimum Health and Tighten Your Tummy in 2 Weeks. I had committed to 2 books, so I guess I did it. First completed reading challenge of the year!

  16. Um, I’ve just realized that a book I own and thought was some sci-fi is actually about the intelligent design “theory”. I’m interested in exploring various spiritual beliefs as I’m seeking for peace and harmony, but I don’t think I’ll read the whole thing. Is this fine or should I choose something else?

    • Whatever works for you! Expecting sci-fi and getting intelligent design would disappoint me — and not add to my peace and harmony.

      • Hehe. At least it’s in Croatian, and I’m not very familiar with actual sci-fi so not picky. I doubt I’ll find it convincing but hopefully there will be some interesting spiritual ideas, if nothing else.

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